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Babe in the Woodlands

All of the ideas for your woodland themed party! The woodland theme is gaining increasing popularity for parties and even nurseries and for both baby girls and boys alike. The color scheme can range from deep and rich to creamy and soft greens, browns, pinks, oranges, and grays.

For the baby shower I designed, I was specifically asked to recreate a look from another balloon artist. Her design included the colors: blush, gold, white, beige and gray. She also had eucalyptus leaves hanging and a woodland design tarp backdrop that said "Oh Baby". I, of course, wanted to put my own touch on the design, so I adapted it to give the same feel of the elements, but a slightly different look.

Colors used:


Custom Soft Gray

Peach Blush

Custom Nude

Items Used:

Faux eucalyptus and faux fern

2' x 3' Faux Boxwood Hedge Fireplace Backdrop

Wooden "Oh Baby" sign

36" Foil fox balloon

36" Foil raccoon balloon

Other Party Recommendations (taken from Pinterest and my Products page)

Wood Round Coasters

Succulent Favors

Faux pine tree decor and pine cones

Guess how many bears game

Naked cake with animal toppers

Jumbo balloon with greenery tail

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