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The Tree that Keeps on Giving

Ever feel that sadness taking down the Christmas tree? Like all the magic is really over? Yeah, me too. In the past, we've had live trees, and by the time we took them down they were so dead it wasn't so sad to take them down anymore. But this year we did a faux flocked tree that I know could just be so perfect all year long.

Inspired by some insta mom bloggers and their New Year's countdown crafts and decor, I decided to turn our tree into a New Year's Eve countdown tree. I started with 1:00 and went all the way to midnight. Each balloon was stuffed with an activity written on a piece of paper, and some had surprise skittles and hershey kisses.

The activities were catered to toddlers, so they included:

-painting nails with mommy

-NYE playdough (adding glitter to playdough)


- questions like: what's your biggest fear? what's your new year wish?

-pick a family movie

-draw your perfect world

But the most favorite activity was Glowstick Hide N' Seek. We took turns hiding a glowstick in a dark place and everyone else had to find it.

All in all we will definitely do our tree every year now. Although, the kids were highly incentivized to stay up until midnight, so maybe next year we just number to 8:00??

Alsp, next year I think I'll just do a year-round tree and we will decorate for all of the holidays: Valentine's tree, St. Patrick's, Mardi Gras, Easter, 4th of July.....

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